Solution Architecture

Ether IoT platforms originated in the form of IoT middleware, whose purpose was to function as a mediator between the hardware and application layers. Its primary tasks included device bootstrapping, data collection from the devices over different protocols and network topologies, remote device configuration and control, device management, and over-the-air firmware updates. Ether Egde powered by high-performance DELL or equivalent architecture gateway, enable Industry/Cities/Campus to develop smarter solutions for Industry end-to-end operations, power management, lighting, parking, buildings, utilities, healthcare, and governance. Many home grown devices support WiFi, BLE, ZigBee, Lora WAN, and 2/4G-LTE to fulfil many end-to-end use cases. It is an open, standards-based solutions based on EdgeX architecture that provides end-to-end security, intelligent connectivity, exceptional performance, manageability, and a reliable road map—from the edge to the cloud—to help Industry/Cities/Campus become smarter, safer, and more value created. Cloud enterprise platform powered by high performance cloud services, open to deploy anywhere (AWS, Google, Azure, any Data centre). It is an enterprise standard based on militancy, data store in SQL and NoSQL, Message and REST services to communicate both NBI and SBI, Multi site, vendor, solution, and services management.

Application Features

EtherIoT Solution and Customer Management

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